Hides and skins

Quality North American kip and calf skins

Our customers have high quality standards. They pay attention to details, and they insist on the best. So when they’re looking for the finest leathers, they come to Sanimax.

Our quality kip skins and buttery soft fine-grained calfskins serve as the raw materials for some of the most famous brands of shoes, handbags, and garments in the world.

What makes us stand out? We deal with only the finest of skins from North American raised animals. We carefully process and grade each one. We ship reliably anywhere around the globe. And, of course, we provide impeccable customer service.

Our customers won’t settle for anything less. Neither will we.

Cattle hides source mapOur kip and calf skins are procured from carefully selected areas in the Northern, Upper Mid-West and South West regions of the USA and Eastern regions of Canada, ensuring a controlled, high quality grain selection.

Are you a packer, locker, slaughterhouse or abattoir seeking service? Click here to view our hides and skins collection services.

Your supplier of choice for:


In today’s highly specialized global leather industry, we have the knowledge and experience to meet each customer’s specific needs.


Our hides and skins are obtained fresh, then carefully processed and graded to industry standards.

Dependable supplies

With a daily production capacity of more than 10,000 hides and skins, we can consistently provide the volumes you need.

Outstanding service

Our knowledgeable, multilingual sales staff go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied.

Worldwide delivery

Count on our global logistics expertise for on-time deliveries and error-free documentation.

Environmental sustainability

When you buy from Sanimax you’re helping to divert more than 1.5 million tons of material from landfill each year.

Kip and calf skins products offered:

· Big packer 17/25 lb kips

· Big packer 25/35 lb kips

· Big packer 35/45 lb kips

·Small packer calf/kips

· Render calf/kips

Our hides, skins and leather products

Sanimax, operating in two countries; USA and Canada, has earned a reputation as an expert provider of hides and skins, serving furniture, garment, handbag, and shoe manufacturers around the world for over 30 years. In addition to kip and calf skins, we also globally offer cattle hides, both in wet salted and wet blue. If you’re looking for a supply chain partner who cares about your brand and understands your business, give us a call. Hides and skins: just one more way we reclaim, renew, and return.

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