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we-are-the-3-rWe reclaim, renew, and return!

We reclaim! Each day, our Transportation and Logistics team travels more than 40,000 kilometers to service our customers from the agri-food industry and collect by-products. Each year, Sanimax reclaims and brings to its various plants nearly 2 billion kilograms of by-products that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

We renew! In Sanimax’s highly specialized plants, by-products from the agri-food industry such as meat by-products, used cooking oil and grease, hides and organic material, are renewed and transformed into high quality products.

We return! Products renewed by Sanimax are returned on the market to its many customers who used them to manufacture numerous household products: animal feed, pet food, soaps, leather, esters, lubricants, cutting oils, paint, rubber, tires, shampoos, cosmetics, perfumes, cleansing creams, medicines, inks, adhesives, solvents, antifreeze, fertilizers, and more.

Our Vision

Sanimax will be recognized by its customers as THE VERY BEST environmental solution provider in the agri-food industry.



See how we’ve been reclaiming, renewing and returning since 1939.

Read how we’ve grown since 1939.

Sanimax - A Family Story






Our products

Agriculture & Animal Nutrition

We provide a one-stop shop for all your agriculture and animal nutrition needs, including fats & oils and pet food ingredients.


Sanimax, operating in two countries; USA and Canada, has earned a reputation as an expert provider of hides and skins, serving furniture, garment, handbag, and shoe manufacturers around the world for over 30 years.

Our services

Maintenance services

From grease trap cleaning to drain line jetting to power washing, our services help keep your operations running smoothly. We also help the planet by renewing the grease and cooking oil that we collect, returning them as valuable commodities.

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