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Couture History
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Couture History
Couture History
Sanimax History

An extraordinary heritage

The Sanimax story began in 1939. It is a family story that has spanned generations and borders, and over the years has brought together many family businesses that share the same values and are well established in their respective communities in Canada and the United States.

Sanimax - A family story since 1939The company began on a small scale, but grew quickly during the war years. Closely linked to the agricultural industry from its very beginning, the company has adapted to a world undergoing constant changes. Sanimax has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and is now recognized as a leader of the rendering industry in North America.

The company has diversified by exploiting highly specialized and innovative niches, such as the processing of specified risk material. Under the leadership of a third generation of pioneers and innovators, Sanimax continues to fulfill its environmental mission and explore new directions as it redefines the boundaries and vocation of this essential industry, while remaining faithful to its environmental purpose: Reclaim, Renew, Return.

See how we’ve been reclaiming, renewing and returning since 1939.

Read how we’ve grown since 1939.

Sanimax - A Family Story






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