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Committed to quality: Sanimax fats & oils

Fats and oils

At Sanimax, we understand our customers’ standards: whether they’re looking for ingredients for animal feed, pet food, soap, industrial chemicals, or biodiesel, the fats and oils they use have to meet strict specifications. That’s why they turn to us.

For more than a century, we’ve been transforming animal and meat by-products and used cooking oil into high-quality grease, oils and tallows, all carefully tested to ensure that every product that leaves our plants measures up – consistently.

And thanks to the traceability measures we’ve put in place, we know where each lot of ingredients comes from and where it goes. For you and your customers, it’s a little extra peace of mind.

We’re your source for:

Outstanding service

Enjoy complete satisfaction when you deal with Sanimax. We go the extra mile for you, order after order.

Consistent quality

Extensive in-house testing ensures that each lot we sell meets strict quality standards.

Availability & price

Count on Sanimax to deliver the ingredients you need, when you need them, at very competitive prices.


You can sleep a little more soundly at night, thanks to our transparent supply chains and lot tracking systems.

Environmental sustainability

When you buy from Sanimax, you’re helping to keep more than 3 billion pounds of material out of landfill each year.

Fats & oils products offered:

· Animal vegetable blended fat

· Bacon fat

· Bleachable fancy tallow

· Brown grease

· Choice white grease

· Edible lard

· Edible tallow

· Fats & tallow blends

· Feed fat

· Fish oil

· Low-acid poultry fat

· Packer bleachable fancy tallow

· Pig skin grease

· Poultry fat

· Refined /bleached/ deodorized tallow

· Turkey fat

· Vegetable oils

· Yellow grease

Our agriculture & animal nutrition products

Count on us for solutions that boost your product value and give you a competitive edge. We provide a one-stop shop for all your agriculture and animal nutrition needs, including proteins and pet food ingredients for agriculture and the food processing industry.

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