Sanimax pursues its growth in Brazil


As part of our growth plan, we are happy to announce that on January 29th, 2016, Sanimax concluded a transaction with Mr. Fabio Victor and acquired the majority of shares in the rendering company Farima, established in Tupãssi in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Under this transaction, Mr. Victor remains a minority shareholder in the new Sanimax company.

Founded in 2003, Farima is an independent rendering company specializing in chicken by-products, the second largest in the state of Paraná.

In accordance with our vision, this transaction is consistent with our business plan to continue growing Sanimax by targeting mostly the rendering industry and dominate the markets in which we operate.


Thus, we are pleased to welcome 128 new employees to our team. With this new transaction, the size of Sanimax totals some 1,125 employees who are located in three countries on two continents; North America and South America.

The new company will be named Farima por Sanimax (Farima by Sanimax). It will be managed locally by Mr. Fabio Victor, minority shareholder of the company, and Mr. Victor Couture, representing the fourth generation of the Couture family.

Third largest food producer in the world, Brazil is one of the largest producers of cattle and chicken internationally. Therefore, it represents considerable business potential for the implementation of Sanimax’s growth plan.

Martin Couture

President and CEO

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