Sanimax continues to grow

On July 24, Martin Couture, Chief Executive officer, announced to all Sanimax employees that the company was pursuing its growth plan, but this time in Colombia.

On May 31, Sanimax entered a commercial alliance with Agrosan & Proteicol whereby it acquired an important stake in their shareholding.

Established in 1976, Agrosan & Proteicol is an independent rendering company that processes beef, pork and chicken by-products. The company currently operates two plants in Colombia, located respectively in the regions of Bogotá and Medellín. Existing managers, under the leadership of Beatriz Elena Lopez Salazar, General Manager of Agrosan & Proteicol, will continue to manage this Colombian company.

Similar to the transactions concluded in Brazil in 2016 to acquire Farima and Folem, this new transaction is part of Sanimax’s business plan, which aims to pursue the company’s growth by focusing mainly on the rendering industry in markets with strong growth potential.

Like Brazil, Colombia is a major beef cattle, pork and chicken producer. This country offers tremendous business potential for implementing Sanimax’s growth plan.

As part of this recent transaction, Sanimax welcomes 1,100 new employees within its global team, which brings the company’s staff up to some 2,500 employees who work from 17 sites in four different countries over two continents, namely both North and South America.

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