Careers at Sanimax

Why join Sanimax?

Imagine a job with room to grow and develop. Imagine a company with values you can be proud to share; a company that has always been green, long before it was trendy. Imagine a lifestyle-friendly environment with opportunities for advancement and a full range of benefits. That’s Sanimax. If you have an innovative attitude and a commitment to top-quality service, put your talents and experience to work for us.

At Sanimax, we focus not only on the job fit, but the people and culture fit, and we take pride in the strength and diversity of the individuals we hire. We hire, and continue to search for excellent candidates to add to the strength of our team.

Like Stephanie, whose passion for learning has taken her from testing the quality of tallows in the lab 14 years ago to designing our company-wide integrated management system today. Or Becki, whose invoicing team came up with an idea that saved us thousands of dollars.

Are you intrigued?

If Sanimax sounds like your kind of workplace, please review our current opportunities by clicking here.
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