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A trusted partner for deadstock collection on-the-farm

Prompt. Reliable. Professional. At Sanimax, we have been servicing farms for decades to collect deadstock: cattle, hogs, poultry, horses and other species.

Depending on their nature, these materials are either recycled and processed into high quality tallow and protein, or further processed to be diverted from landfills.

Whether you operate a large-scale or a smaller farm, we offer sanitary collection services tailored to your specific needs. For our Canadian customers, we also provide a collection service (cattle, sheep, goats, and others) for specified risk materials (SRM) that fully complies with local regulations.

Deadstock collection services are available to customers from Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Northern New-Brunswick.

Count on Sanimax for:

Unique and modern mobile application

Sanimax is the only company in Canada that provides its customers with a mobile application for submitting requests for deadstock collection service at the farm. In a few clicks, the customer sends a request and the collection service is confirmed within seconds.



Prompt, reliable pick up

With our extensive fleet and professionally trained drivers, we’re there when you need us.

At your service at all times

By using the mobile application, you can put orders through instantly and at a time that suits your needs.

Phone service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Courteous, professional staff

At Sanimax, we believe that providing exceptional customer service is a key part of successful growth.

A greener environment, thanks to our collection services

Our collection services

Each year we reclaim billions of pounds of animal and meat by-products, used cooking oil, organics and hides & skins, returning them to the marketplace as high-demand goods like tallow, protein and leather. At Sanimax, we’re proud to serve our customers – and the planet.

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