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A trusted partner for animal and meat by-products collection

Animal and meat by-products collection

Prompt. Reliable. Experienced. Professional. At Sanimax, we’re everything you’re looking for in a trusted partner. Indeed, we’ve built our business on it.

Since our very beginnings, we’ve been reclaiming by-products from the meat processing industry — bones, fats, offal, blood, and feathers — and rendering them to produce high-quality fats, oils, and proteins. Long before the birth of the modern recycling business, we’ve been converting organic by-products into valuable commodities.

Whether you’re a butcher shop, slaughterhouse, supermarket, or food processor, we offer sanitary collection services tailored to your specific needs. For our Canadian customers, we also provide environmental disposal of SRM that fully complies with provincial and federal regulations.

Count on Sanimax for:

Prompt, reliable pick up

With our extensive fleet and professionally trained drivers, we’re there when you need us.

Customized service

We’ll tailor our pick-up schedule to your needs, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis.

Courteous, professional staff

At Sanimax, we believe that providing exceptional customer service is a key part of successful growth.

One-stop shopping

Have hides and skins, used cooking oil, trap grease or organics to dispose of as well? Just give us a call.

A greener environment

Each year, Sanimax converts nearly three billion pounds of animal by-products and used cooking oils into renewable commodities.

Our collection service area

Collection coverage area Our coverage extends across Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Our collection services

Each year we reclaim billions of pounds of animal and meat by-products, used cooking oil, organics and hides & skins, returning them to the marketplace as high-demand goods like tallow, protein and leather. At Sanimax, we’re proud to serve our customers – and the planet.

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