Krums by Sanimax

Krums by Sanimax: offering bakery and snack food by-product collection

Krums by Sanimax

At Krums, we can handle just about any dried food or bakery by-product: bread, pastry, crackers, snacks, chips, cookies, grain by-products, candies and more — plus the packaging. You don’t need to sort a thing!


Call us at 519.669.1615 ext. 224. We’ll set up a customized system that fits seamlessly into your operations. Our ergonomic tubs are designed to suit any production process. Our automated tub dumpers will weigh the load and transfer it into our Onsite Compactor Bins — no awkward lifting required.

Krums by Sanimax. Elmira OntarioReliable

We’ll empty your bin as often as you need, whether that’s weekly, daily or even multiple times a day. When the bin is three-quarters full, it automatically signals us to dispatch a truck. You don’t have to do a thing. So when you depend on Krums, you never have to worry about pickup delays holding up your production line. You care about sanitation. We do too. That’s why all our equipment is designed to be pest-proof, odor-proof and easy to clean. It’s also some of the most reliable in the industry. Should you ever need to reach us, we’re available 24/7. One call and we’ll be there to solve the problem.


We know how much is riding on your reputation. That’s why one of our very first steps is to securely destroy anything branded with your name or logo. Want the proof? We’re happy to issue Certificates of Destruction on request.

Easy on the planet

By keeping valuable material out of landfill, we help you achieve high standards of corporate and environmental responsibility. Our monthly reports give you a clear picture of just how much by-product your facility generates. And if you’re aiming for “zero-waste-to-landfill” certification, we can provide the documentation you need.

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519.669.1615 ext. 224

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Brad Hutchison, General Manager


519.669.1615 ext. 225

Our collection services and coverage area

Collection coverage areaEach year we reclaim billions of pounds of food by-products, animal and meat by-products, used cooking oil and hides & skins, returning them to the marketplace as high-demand goods like bakery meal, protein, tallow and leather. At Sanimax, we’re proud to serve our customers – and the planet.

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