Used oil collection

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Used oil collection

With Sanimax, you don’t need to be concerned about your used grease removal. For nearly a century we’ve been providing the foodservice industry with efficient, reliable collection services.

No volume is too big or too small – we’ll happily adapt our pick-up schedule to your specific needs, while our range of durable and leak-proof collection equipment will fit just about any space. Or ask about our automated grease management system: no heavy lifting, no risk of spills, just maximum grease recycling.

Our professionally trained drivers will service your grease needs to keep your operations running smoothly. Looking for additional convenience? We also offer grease trap cleaningline jetting, and power washing services.

Best of all, when you choose Sanimax, you’re helping the planet. Your used cooking oil is reclaimed, renewed, and then returned to the marketplace as a vital ingredient in lubricants and animal feed.

Count on Sanimax for:

Prompt, reliable pick up

Thanks to our extensive fleet and computerized routing system, you’re never stuck with overflowing bins or barrels.

Customized services

We tailor our services to your specific grease volumes, corral size and physical layout.

One-stop shopping

For even more convenience, we offer a variety of grease management services such as grease trap cleaningline jetting and power washing as well as animal and meat by-products collection.

Best-in-industry equipment

Choose from our wide range of durable, leak-proof collection systems.

A greener environment

Each year, Sanimax converts more than 300 million pounds of cooking oil into valuable resources.

Our variety of collection containers



  • 1,550 lbs/703 kg capacity
  • Level indicator with safety overflow system
  • Greater employee safety through minimal handling of hot used oil
  • Eliminates odor and mess in outside corral area
  • Install size 33”(w) x 33″(l) x 72”(h)

» Click here to view a demonstration video of the SanEcoTank.


Automated grease management equipment

*Available in Canada only

  • 1,200 lbs/544.3 kg and 2,500 lbs/1 134 kg capacities
  • Automated vacuum transfer of oil through direct plumb, wand or caddy system
  • Greater employee safety through minimal handling of hot used oil
  • Eliminates odor and mess in outside corral area
  • Large: 42”(w) x 94”(h). Medium: 34”(w) x 82”(h)

» Click here to view a demonstration video of our equipment.

Bulk bin

Bulk bin

  • Up to 2000lbs/907.2 kg of grease capacity
  • Tapered design to prevent grease build up
  • Intended for a high volume of grease
  • Large tank: 72”(w) x 36”(h) x 43″(d)
  • Medium tank: 72”(w) x 36”(h) x 33″(d)


  • 400lbs/181.4 kg of grease capacity
  • Lightweight, easy to open cover with handles
  • Constructed of recyclable materials
  • Intended for a low volume of grease
  • 23”(w) x 41”(h) x 29″(d)


  • 300lbs/136 kg of grease capacity
  • Intended for a very low volume of grease
  • Suitable for enclosed spaces and small corrals
  • 24”(w) x 36”(h)

Our collection services and coverage area

Collection coverage areaEach year we reclaim billions of pounds of animal and meat by-products, used cooking oil, organics and hides & skins, returning them to the marketplace as high-demand goods like tallow, protein, leather, and biofuel. At Sanimax, we’re proud to serve our customers – and the planet.

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