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Your premier source for wet blue, wet white, and wet salted cattle hides

Cattle hidesWhat does it take to become a leading company in the global hide industry? Quality goods. Industry expertise. Outstanding service. And a strong commitment to each customer’s success.

That’s why shoe and upholstery manufacturers around the world rely on Sanimax for the raw materials they need to create outstanding leather footwear, furniture, and automobile interiors.

We offer more than three dozen types of premium northern cattle hides, all carefully trimmed, cured, and ready for tanning. We deliver what we promise, order after order. Most importantly, we listen. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll work hard to make sure you receive it.

Sanimax cattle hides. If you care about quality, we speak your language.

Sanimax hides areaOur cattle hides are procured from carefully selected areas in the Northern, Upper Mid-West and South West regions of the USA and Eastern regions of Canada, ensuring a nearly defect-free hide.

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Your supplier of choice for:


In today’s highly specialized global leather industry, we have the knowledge and experience to meet each customer’s specific needs.


Our hides and skins are obtained fresh, then carefully processed and graded to industry standards.

Dependable supplies

With a daily production capacity of more than 10,000 hides and skins, we can consistently provide the volumes you need.

Outstanding service

Our knowledgeable, multilingual sales staff go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied.

Worldwide delivery

Count on our global logistics expertise for on-time deliveries and error-free documentation.

Environmental sustainability

When you buy from Sanimax you’re helping to divert more than 1.5 million tons of material from landfill each year.

Cattle hides products offered – wet salted, wet blue and wet white

· Heavy native steers

· Heavy native dairy steers

· Branded steers

· Heifers

· Native dairy cows

· Heavy native cows

· Small packers

· Render hides

· #3s

Our hides, skins and leather products

Sanimax, operating in two countries; USA and Canada, has earned a reputation as an expert provider of hides and skins, serving furniture, garment, handbag, and shoe manufacturers around the world for over 30 years.  If you’re looking for a supply chain partner who cares about your brand and understands your business, contact us about additional products and services. Hides and skins: just one more way we reclaim, renew, and return.

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