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Worry-free grease trap services

Grease trap cleaningWhen you’re running a busy food service operation, you shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about clogged drain lines, foul odors, or costly sewer back-ups. And with Sanimax’s grease trap services, you don’t.

Our professionally trained technicians will empty, clean, and maintain your restaurant grease trap regularly to keep it operating smoothly. We’ll make sure that fats and oils don’t block your drains or overflow into the sewer system, and we’ll be sure to inspect for aging components before they break down, avoiding expensive emergency repairs.

Need more reasons to choose Sanimax? We renew all the grease we collect, so that you can feel good about contributing to a cleaner environment. And for your added convenience, we also offer line jettingpower washing, and used cooking oil collection.

At Sanimax, we offer more than just dependable grease trap service:

Knowledgeable staff

Our professionally trained technicians will keep your grease trap performing efficiently and effectively.


You can count on us to arrive when we promise – and do our best to avoid disrupting your operations.


You’ll receive a complete report on your grease trap condition after each visit.

Peace of mind

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of slips and falls from overflowing grease traps and helps avoid the need for emergency repairs.

A greener environment

Not only does Sanimax protect local water sources by keeping grease and oil out of municipal sewers, we also renew all the grease we collect.

Our maintenance services

For decades, food industry customers have relied on Sanimax to make their lives easier. From grease trap cleaning to drain line jetting to power washing, our services help keep your operations running smoothly. We also help the planet by renewing the grease and cooking oil that we collect, returning them as valuable commodities.

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