Maintenance services

Invest in an ounce of prevention

Line jettingWhen it comes to your drain lines, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. All the grease, scale, silt, and debris you wash down the sink gradually builds up in your drainage pipes, creating the danger of clogs and breaks — and all the cost, downtime, and damage that entails.

That’s why Sanimax’s line jetting services makes smart business sense.

Using high-pressure water, our technicians eliminate those deposits before they turn into a real problem. The result? No clogs or breaks. No disruption to your operations. No emergency plumbing calls, and no expensive repair bills or clean-up costs.

Instead, you get efficient drainage, longer-lasting pipes and, most importantly, peace of mind.

At Sanimax, we offer more than just dependable service:

Peace of mind

Regular maintenance avoids the downtime, damage, and expense of clogged or burst pipes.

Knowledgeable staff

Our professionally trained technicians will keep your drain lines flowing smoothly and efficiently.


You can count on us to arrive when we promise — and to disrupt your operations as little as possible.

One-stop shopping

Need grease trap cleaning, power washing, or used cooking oil collection? Just give us a call.

A greener environment

Not only does Sanimax protect local water sources by keeping grease and oil out of municipal sewers, we also renew all the grease we collect.

Our maintenance services

For decades, food industry customers have relied on Sanimax to make their lives easier. From drain line jetting to grease trap cleaning to power washing, our services help keep your operations running smoothly. We also help the planet by renewing the grease and cooking oil that we collect, returning them as valuable commodities.

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