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Contributing to our communities

Contributing to our communitiesSanimax is proud to be a part of 16 communities across Canada and the U.S, from bustling cities like Montreal and León to smaller centres such as Guelph and DeForest. And wherever we operate, we put time and resources into being a good neighbor and corporate citizen.

It starts with ongoing communication, making sure that we respond to the needs of the families who live nearby – and that they in turn understand the vital services we provide, as well as our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

More than that, however, we give back, helping the places that we call home to thrive. It’s a simple matter of reciprocation: after all, we couldn’t succeed without the support of the surrounding community. That’s why we partner with neighborhood organizations, sponsor events and sports teams, contribute to local charities, and volunteer our time to important causes including hospitals, children’s groups, and environmental initiatives.

In a word, we care. It’s one of the founding values of Sanimax and a daily part of how we do business.

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Sustainability at Sanimax

At Sanimax, we believe running a truly sustainable business means focusing on more than just the bottom line. That’s why we’re at the forefront of environmental stewardship, reducing our energy and water use, continuously improving our air emission quality, and diverting roughly three billion pounds of material from landfill each year. And it’s why we invest time and money in strengthening the communities where we operate, helping to create healthy, vibrant, successful places to live and work.

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