Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & SafetySanimax is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, customers, contractors and guests, while providing services in a manner that is responsible to the environment and the community in which we operate. We will achieve this through the engagement of every employee and Sanimax’s core values.

It is our firm belief that accidents are preventable and that, through the constant process of elimination of unsafe work practices and hazards, a goal of zero accidents can be achieved.

To pursue this commitment, Sanimax will strive to:

  • Identify environmental, health and safety risks from its operations and implement processes to prevent and minimize their impacts.
  • Develop and maintain a method of evaluating environmental, health and safety performance for continuous improvement. Setting and reviewing environmental, health and safety goals and objectives are the basis for this evaluation.
  • Prevent pollution in both transportation and production operations by minimizing its environmental footprint and prevent injury and health issues to the extent practicable.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety legislation and regulations. Compliance will be part of the environmental, health and safety goals and objectives that will be established and maintained.
  • Communicate its expectations to employees, suppliers and other interested parties regarding environmental, health and safety conduct. We will communicate to community members and public officials our commitments and the importance of our essential role in daily environmental protection.

This policy statement confirms the company’s intent to create and implement sound environmental, health and safety principles throughout the organization.

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