A greener way of doing business

A greener way of doing business

Environment commitmentReclaim. Renew. Return. It’s an environmental ethic that dates back to our earliest days as a rendering company. Today we collect roughly 3 billion pounds of organic material each year – enough to fill more than 120,000 garbage trucks – and transform it into valuable commodities such as tallow, proteins and leather.

Our commitment to the planet goes beyond this, however, touching every aspect of our operations.

Modern biotechnologies like biofilters and aerobic digestion processes, are used to treat our waste-water and air emissions, as an example of a natural and environmental way of returning these natural resources into the environment in a cleaner state. We use tallow or animal fat as an alternate and cleaner fuel than fossil fuel to feed our boilers, while a portion of our truck fleet is powered by biodiesel, a cleaner-burning alternative fuel. We continuously seek better ways of operating through different research and development projects, either in the odor control arena or in giving a second life to a product that is currently sent to landfill.

We’re constantly looking for new ways, big and small, to shrink our ecological footprint and make our company as sustainable as possible. Because in the end, a healthy environment is good for everyone.

Sustainability at Sanimax

At Sanimax, we believe running a truly sustainable business means focusing on more than just the bottom line. That’s why we’re at the forefront of environmental stewardship, reducing our energy and water use, continuously improving our air emission quality, and diverting roughly three billion pounds of material from landfill each year. And it’s why we invest time and money in strengthening the communities where we operate, helping to create healthy, vibrant, successful places to live and work.

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